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25 April

A Walking Tour of Oxford

For the entire six years of my high school education, I thought I wanted to be an architect.

I have always been fascinated by buildings, especially old churches. I devoured every architecture journal in the school library, took technical drawing and art classes, and even dreamt of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater.

All of this was derailed, of course, when I ditched my final interview and portfolio presentation at Art School to start a job in the brand new, shiny and fascinating world of Internet (cue cheerleaders, trumpets and fireworks).

Besides my well-documented love affair with the Cathedral of St Michael and St George in Grahamstown, South Africa, I tend to seek out old buildings wherever I travel.

I spent much of a recent trip to Oxford staring at old buildings. It’s a good thing Microsoft didn’t shirk the task when sticking the camera in their Lumia 550 cellphone, because for a cheap little mobile, it takes a mighty good photo.


Joe Ruzvidzo

Joe is a writer, graphic designer and long-time blogger based in Harare. He founded NBO Magazine in a fit of pique, and is finding it far more frustrating and challenging than at first anticipated. He also wouldn’t give it up for the world!

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