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29 December 2015
On Black Pain and Imagination: Patrice Lumumba and Ota Benga
The monument honouring Patrice Lumumba is inescapable, even in the thick of a humid night, as you enter Kinshasa from the airport highway route. It is an imposing structure, full of life, energy, promise and hurt.
13 November 2015
Literature In The Shadow Of Mugabe’s Gallows
Rifling through a bookstore at an airport, I asked the bookstore guy where to find the “Africa” section. You know the “Africa” section, right?
13 November 2015
Encounters; Jonah Sithole and the Chimurenga Sound
I am in the habit of moaning about encounters that never happened: how Jimi Hendrix never played with Miles Davis; how Dambudzo Marechera never met JM Coetzee.


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