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13 November 2015
Literature In The Shadow Of Mugabe’s Gallows
Rifling through a bookstore at an airport, I asked the bookstore guy where to find the “Africa” section. You know the “Africa” section, right?
29 December 2015
On Black Pain and Imagination: Patrice Lumumba and Ota Benga
The monument honouring Patrice Lumumba is inescapable, even in the thick of a humid night, as you enter Kinshasa from the airport highway route. It is an imposing structure, full of life, energy, promise and hurt.
13 November 2015
Encounters; Jonah Sithole and the Chimurenga Sound
I am in the habit of moaning about encounters that never happened: how Jimi Hendrix never played with Miles Davis; how Dambudzo Marechera never met JM Coetzee.


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